Hi there! That's me, in the picture on the left, or if you're on a mobile the picture on the top. Thank you for stopping by my site. Here's a little something so you can get to know me and House of Red. 

I’m passionate about creating beautiful pieces from exquisite materials designed for both men and women. I like to celebrate the beauty found in everyday life and use it as a basis for my creativity.
I graduated from the Istituto Europeo di Design Madrid and I have a background in making special garments for myself and my friends ever since I was a teen. My aesthetic is merged with technical knowledge of creating a great fit and feel in a garment. Inspiration for me has come from different environments in which I have grown up - from Mexico to Germany, England and Spain. 
House of Red is about refining great products that are made as locally and organically as possible with a sustainable approach. I am committed to maintaining these sustainable and ethical standards as well as high quality craftsmanship in my products so that the experience of wearing House of Red's garments is a great one all around.
I look forward to being a part of your everyday life with my creations.

- Cristina Rojo