Going through my archive the other day, I ran into some pictures from when I used to live in London and from other times I visited after. I can’t believe it’s been almost 8 years since I first moved there, time goes by so fast. But anyway, I wanted to share these pictures with you guys because London is such a special city for me and it’s one of the places that most inspires me, just by looking at these beautiful pictures brought me back so many amazing memories. Hoping to visit again soon. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures and are having a great start to your week! 


Playing tourist in my native city, Guadalajara. Something I don’t know why I hadn’t done before. I’ve been so many times to downtown  Guadalajara, but never really paid attention to everything that was surrounding me. When I decided to move yet once again I decided it was about time I become a tourist in my own city. That day I didn’t have a lot of time, but I managed to go through all the important landmarks. Going through the pictures right now I can’t believe I hadn’t done this before. I love the colonial architecture, mixed with neoclassical and baroque. I’ll definitely play tourist in my new city more often.

Healthy, Quick & Yummy Breakfast Ideas

Like they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But if you guys are like me, most of the time you don’t have time to make yourself anything for breakfast and you go running out the door. Truth be told, I actually hate not having breakfast. When I don’t have something to eat in the morning I feel tired, with no energy and starving of course… So I’ve come up with a few quick, healthy and super yummy ideas to start of your day.



Berries of your choice (I chose raspberries and strawberries) with organic granola, which you can find in a health food shop or in your local supermarket. This breakfast doesn’t even take up to 3 minutes to prepare. Plus it’s an excellent way to start of your day. Berries are antioxidants and because of their high content in vitamin A and C they help to prevent infections. 


This one is for the avocado lovers like me. I love having this for breakfast (even when I’m not rushing out the door). Toast a piece of your favourite multi seed bread for 2 minutes, spread some avocado and add a tiny pinch of sea salt, pepper and sesame seeds and your ready to start your day.



6-7 frozen strawberries

2 tbsp oats

½ tsp ground cinnamon 

1 tsp vanilla extract

Agave nectar to taste

1 cup almond or soy milk

Use a blender to mix everything, and it’s ready to drink. 

**This should take you no more the 5 minutes

Have a great day! 

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Plaza Mayor

One of the most touristic and beautiful places in Madrid, La Plaza Mayor. Where you can find the most delicious squid sandwiches ever and enjoy a show. Whether it’s the guy with the bubbles or the funniest spiderman you’ve ever seen, Plaza Mayor assures you a good time.

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Madrid by night

Madrid, you are such a stunner by night… And by day as well! Cities by night look so different from the day time don’t you think? The atmosphere completely changes. I actually think most cities look much more beautiful by night with everything lit up. These are some of my favourite places Puerta de Alcalá, Cibeles Palace (named Comunicaciones Palace before), The Metropolis Building and The Ges Seguros Building at Plaza de las Cortes in front of The Palace Hotel.

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On our trip to Amsterdam we spent one of our days in the cutest little town I have probably ever seen in my life, Zaandam. The hole town was like we jumped into a fairy tale and the fairies where going to come out, seriously. A 20 minute train ride out of Amsterdam, we went to see the windmills. Filled with little shops and restaurants with the smell of hot chocolate for the cold weather. As you can see on the pictures, some look really cloudy and some with a lot of sunshine. When we arrived it was really cloudy and raining, but in a second all the clouds went away and the sunshine came in to warm us up a little. It was the perfect little get away from the city.

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We did a little trip during the holidays to Amsterdam. I had already been there some years ago, but I loved going back again. Last time I was there it was during summer, so I really loved experiencing it during winter. All the streets decorated with christmas lights looked beautiful. One of my favourite days was when we ended up at a pub near where we were staying. We were looking for a place to eat because we were starving and went in the first place we saw, but just our luck there was no food, only cheese and sausages, but seeing and feeling the cool atmosphere we stayed and had a drink, which led to the whole afternoon (we totally forgot about hunger). I think I have never tried a beer so so good, seriously the best beer ever. If you are ever in Amsterdam a really recommend you go to this place Brouwerij’t Ij you won’t regret it. The whole trip was great we laughed, ate delicious, tried the best beer ever and saw amazing places.

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Rainy Days

Most of last week was cloudy and rainy here in Madrid. Most people would call me crazy but I actually love rainy days, it gives me time to catch up on sewing, pattern making or reading, not that I don’t do that when it’s sunny, but when it’s raining it inspires me more to do that kind of stuff that I love.

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On our last day of our little road trip we spent the morning in Bordeaux and the afternoon in Dune du Pyla (the highest dunes in Europe), but more on that on the next post. The weather didn’t cooperate that day, but we weren’t about to let the weather ruin our trip, so we made the most out of it. Walking in and out of shops and little cafés to avoid most of the rain, which let me to observe the ridiculously good looking and fashionable people, but then again it’s little Paris, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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Dune du Pyla

So, as google says Dune du Pyla is actually the highest dune in Europe, 107m to be exact, or at least that’s what I read. This mother nature beauty took me completly by surprise, I was completely blown away by the view up there, on one side surrounded by the sea of the Arcachon Bay and on the other side a large pine forest. As you can see we had to buy some pretty ridiculous yellow “ponchos”, becuase by the time we got there it was pouring rain, we actually weren’t going to get out of the car, but we had already driven there, so we we thought we might as well do it and it actually made it super fun. We played with hula hoops and of course laughed until our stomach hurt and surfed the dunes (although actually it was a real failure, becuase the sand was so humid that the surf bords didn’t slide). And of course all the people that were there kept looking at us like we were crazy people… I can’t understand why?!

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