We did a little trip during the holidays to Amsterdam. I had already been there some years ago, but I loved going back again. Last time I was there it was during summer, so I really loved experiencing it during winter. All the streets decorated with christmas lights looked beautiful. One of my favourite days was when we ended up at a pub near where we were staying. We were looking for a place to eat because we were starving and went in the first place we saw, but just our luck there was no food, only cheese and sausages, but seeing and feeling the cool atmosphere we stayed and had a drink, which led to the whole afternoon (we totally forgot about hunger). I think I have never tried a beer so so good, seriously the best beer ever. If you are ever in Amsterdam a really recommend you go to this place Brouwerij’t Ij you won’t regret it. The whole trip was great we laughed, ate delicious, tried the best beer ever and saw amazing places.

Cristina RojoComment