In a time where more and more people are having the privilege of working from the comfort of their local coffee-shop, dining table or their bed, we often tend to through on whatever piece of clothing is most comfortable from our wardrobe or even better stay in our pyjamas the whole day. But as much as being in pyjamas can feel like a luxury, it can also lead to feeling lazy and uncreative; not to mention we're inevitably going to leave the house at some point, whether to run an errand, walk the dogs or open the door for the mailman.

This collection is for all those people who have chosen not to work in a traditional office and can wear something that is comfortable, but more importantly – as Mary Kondo would put it something that "sparks joy" in themselves. 




Linen is made from the durable fibres of flax plants. One of the strongest fibres in existence, flax naturally resists bacteria and is very hardwearing. every part of the plant is used in production, down to the seeds and oils. Due to its biodegradable qualities, linen is favoured by many for its low impact on the environment. 


Cotton is a versatile, comfortable and breathable fabric and is easy to look after. Obtained from the fibres surrounding the soft seed pods of the cotton plant, cotton is a natural and biodegradable fibre that has been used since antiquity. The fibres are cleaned and spun into threads before being made into a variety of fabrics, from denim and corduroy to poplin and twills.

Creative Direction & Styling: Cristina Rojo

Photography: Cristina Rojo

Model: Valeria Martín

Make Up: Leticia Martínez

Assistant: Abril Torres


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