In a time where more and more people are having the privilege of working from the comfort of their local coffeeshop, dining table or their bed, we often tend to throw on whatever piece of clothing is most comfortable from our wardrobe or even better, stay in our pyjamas the whole day. But as much as being in pyjamas all day can feel like a luxury, it can also lead to feeling lazy and uncreative; not to mention we’re inevitably going to leave the house at some point, whether to run an errand, walk the dogs or open the door for the mailman. 

This collection is for all those people who have chosen not to work in a traditional office and can wear something that is comfortable, but more importantly- as Marie Kondo would put it- something which “sparks joy” in themselves.

En tiempos donde más y más personas están teniendo el privilegio de trabajar desde la comodidad de su cafetería local, comedor de su casa o su cama, a menudo solemos ponernos  la prenda más cómoda de nuestro guardarropa o mejor aún, quedarnos en nuestras pijamas todo el día. Y por más que quedarse en pijamas todo el día puede sentirse como un lujo, también nos puede llevar a sentirnos perezosos y con poca creatividad; aparte inevitablemente vamos a tener que salir de casa en algún punto, ya sea para hacer un mandado, caminar a los perros o abrirle la puerta al cartero. 

Esta colección es para toda esa gente que ha decidido no trabajar en una oficina tradicional y que puede ponerse algo cómodo, pero más importante como Marie Kondo lo pondría - algo que sea “una chispa de alegría” en ellas. 


Creative Direction, Styling & Photography: Cristina Rojo | Production Assistant: Leticia Martínez | Assistant: Abril Torres

In this picture:  Amaya Hat ,  Ximena Dress

In this picture: Amaya Hat, Ximena Dress

In this picture:  Amaya Hat ,  Ximena Dress

In this picture: Amaya Hat, Ximena Dress



Linen is a highly breathable fabric. During the summer, linen actually cools you off. It's because of the natural properties of the flax fiber, which is hollow, thus allowing air to circulate freely and move around moisture that builds up. It’s biodegradable, it softens with every wash and it’s one of the most durable natural fibres.

Cotton is a seed fiber and grows in warm climates. It is one of the most comfortable natural fibres for clothing. It absorbs water easily and breaths, which makes it perfect for summer. We pre-wash all of our fabrics before cutting them for quality control and because natural fibres tend to shrink in their first wash.

In this picture:  Mia Linen Shirt

In this picture: Mia Linen Shirt

In this picture:  Peggy Shirt ,  Amaya Hat

In this picture: Peggy Shirt, Amaya Hat


Staying inspired on a daily basis is not the easiest, but we always find our way through nature and art



Simplifying your daily tasks and taking care of your equipment

In this picture:  Mia Shirt ,  Roberta Trousers

In this picture: Mia Shirt, Roberta Trousers

In this picture:  Antonia Top ,  Frida Skirt ,  Amaya Hat

In this picture: Antonia Top, Frida Skirt, Amaya Hat